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Friday, July 31, 2009

Comparison. could life be changed ?

iraqi_refugees pictureLife is seconds pass without feeling, you don't feel till it become too late, till now I do not believe that I am entering 20s this make me wonder sometimes not for reason but because I think that I didn't live normal , all the time my country was in war and I didn't feel peace in its real meaning .

Before 30 year Iraq was rich country with oil , Baghdad was the center of knowledge in middle east , there was high buildings and hotels while the neighbouring countries was living in tents in the desert , now everything changed except Iraq still "rich in oil" , now there is people left there big houses in baghdad to save there lives , the prices are extremely high, even the kerosine became rare in winter !! this is and we are the country of oil ..While people of neighbouring countries live now in villas , skyscraper ..
I'm not envying them but I am sad on my country ..

Now we need hope , peace , working , uniting , to make bright future of Iraq

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Earth shake in Mosul / Iraq = earthquake

Now at 11:30 pm 19 of July 2009 an earthquake strike My town (Mosul/Iraq ) and I felt it. this is horrible feeling , my little brother said " earth planet will fall !!! " he is only 7 years old and he is so frightened from this and still awake till now.

We didn't get hurt and I didn't hear any thing collapse , nothing fall on the ground , but really my bed was shaking hard and and I felt like this feeling in first days of war on Iraq when there was an US army rocket passing over our home and it was night and my bed was moving on the ground while I was sleeping this was so creepy

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Many times I ask my self
how far can we can get so close to our dreams??
I mean to where we would catch up our dreams. Is there a line separates between reality and dreams? or we could make any thing !!

When I was kid I used to imagine my self as a doctor with white dress and a stethoscope on the neck and now I'm making this dream with my hands as I'm studying medicine now and only 4 years separate me from this ( 4years till graduating).
But there is so many dreams in my head they still only dreams , I couldn't make them by my self and day by day these dreams are dying as dreams and disappearing.

do you think that we should hang up with dreams?

oh ... dreams