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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

whom I follow on twitter

About month ago I signed up in twitter after I heard about it on tv, first I thought it was just like facebook and useless but then I realized the benefits from twitter and how to use it in the right way.
I began to follow people from same interests of mine and they did, in this way I gained more visitors to my blog and I began to use twitter in the way that I find it proper to me.

Do you know that I found Oprah and dr.phil on twitter !!!
yes I was shocked when I knew that she writes on twitter her mini events.
and I found Google on twitter

now tell me are you use twitter ? how many twitts you do per week or day ? whom do you follow? I will be glad to follow you on twitter
here where you can find me on twitter

Saturday, September 19, 2009

eid ul fitr start sunday 20 september 2009

I'm very happy tomorrow is first day of eid al fitr, happy eid to all people, tomorrow sunday 20/9/2009 will be first day of eid in Iraq (sunni) , Saudi Arabia , Lebanon, Syria , Qatar , Bahrain, Kwaite , Turkey , United Arab Emirates , Oman , Jordan , Yemen

I just heard the cannon declaring beginning of eid, the eid holiday in Iraq will be from sunday 20/9 till wednesday 23/9

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Eid al fiter 2009 on Iraqi traditions

eid card
When Eid al fitr start ?
Eid al fitr start after ramadan month end. It is 3 days, Eid al fitr remarks that the muslims had completed the fasting ( which is 30 or 29 fasting days according to sight of crescent ). Eid al Fitr is also called ( small eid ), people wearing new beautiful clothes and greeting each others with finishing the fasting. The common greeting ( Blessed Eid ) or ( happy eid) and wishing happiness to every one.

Eid fitr traditions in Iraq

at the first morning ( 7:20 am ) all muslim men go to mosque to do Eid prayer and when they come back to home after an hour all the family members are awake and have prepaired the breakfast and the children waiting for "edania" ( parents give money for the children so they go to buy toys and chocolates and to go to blay in see saw and to have fun.

Then the family goes to the grandfathers house and gathering with the relatives and having good time, the grandfathers give children money also.

And the family visits the relatives and builds happy bonds between families. This what give the Eid its flavor of happiness and joy.

I designed this card to greet you with eid

click on the card to enlarge it
eid card

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Helping without house

family need house
Family need help in Mosul, I've heard that a family consist of 4 girls and one boy and their mother, have been kicked out from house and thrown in street in mosul and they without hosue . The family had been rent house for $100/month but now they didn't have enough money to rent the house so the lessor kicked them out of the house with no place they can go to.

The family monthly income is too few dollars and have have no place to sleep so the went to sleep in the hospital but the kicked of the hospital after 4 days from being sleep in the hospital and then they went to sleep in mosque till they have money to rent house.

I am really very sad on this family and I gave the family few dollars (from my spending money since I still student with no income) and neighbours collected money to give the family place to sleep in.
so If anyone intend to help this family anyhow you can give them money or any thing .
the family have nothing but their clothes and their ailing brother (the father is dead).

I can't stand the idea of doing this horrible thing to family how they can do this to them.
isn't there any mercy in this world !!!!

update : man provide empty house temporary for this family till they get enough money to rent house . thank you

Friday, September 11, 2009

Iraqi people before war on Iraq

Before war on iraq the people of iraq were under economic siege where no imported food, clothes , and many things. I remember the " dates candy " which was the chocolate of Iraqi children between 1991 till 2003 and there was few other types of chocolats made in iraq and few chocolates from Turkey that was expensive according to the size ( small one coast $0.4 while the salary of the officals was few dollars this was early 90s). I'm talking about most of people of Iraq ( normal working people )

I remember that mom was sewing and knitting us new beautiful clothes because all the clothes in the market were ugly and unproper. Families of Iraq learnt to make every thing at home including bread, clothes, glue, and people of Iraq were inventing new ways to lower spending money to minimum.

However before war on Iraq in 2003 life in Iraq was peaceful calm life no one kills or kidnaps anyone in the Day ! or even in night, no one dares to do this and there was no bombing no suicides. baghdad before 2003 war or Iraq
to be continued on Iraqi people after war on Iraq 2003

Sunday, September 6, 2009

schools in Iraq will start in

schoolsThis year 2009 schools will start on 27/09/2009 this means after the EAD alfiter with few days.

Many kids facing problems with return to schools after sschoolsummer
holiday and they refuse to study or to go to schools.

What can we do to face kids to go to school? This is difficult question and might moms and dads can answer us.

Are you facing difficulties with your children / brothers in schools ?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New house and Arabisk competition

arabisk competition for best arabic blogMany days passed without any activity in my blogger account because I was busy with cleaning our new house I'll tell you every thing just a moment. Taking big breath, these days my family is planning to move to new big house, extremely beautiful and comfort, contain 9 rooms. It was designed by my father the big architect.

In these days of Ramadan month we fast from sunrise till sunset and praying most of the night (beside the 5 prayings of normal day) I ask God to protect my family and my brothers all the time from anything, and to be a good doctor, to help people anywhere, and guide them.

If anyone knows Arabisk Award competition, I joined it with my Arabic blogs (they are two. One on Autism and the other about doing new things in this world help in making better life) the prize is $4000 for the first two winners.
Wish me luck