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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Helping without house

family need house
Family need help in Mosul, I've heard that a family consist of 4 girls and one boy and their mother, have been kicked out from house and thrown in street in mosul and they without hosue . The family had been rent house for $100/month but now they didn't have enough money to rent the house so the lessor kicked them out of the house with no place they can go to.

The family monthly income is too few dollars and have have no place to sleep so the went to sleep in the hospital but the kicked of the hospital after 4 days from being sleep in the hospital and then they went to sleep in mosque till they have money to rent house.

I am really very sad on this family and I gave the family few dollars (from my spending money since I still student with no income) and neighbours collected money to give the family place to sleep in.
so If anyone intend to help this family anyhow you can give them money or any thing .
the family have nothing but their clothes and their ailing brother (the father is dead).

I can't stand the idea of doing this horrible thing to family how they can do this to them.
isn't there any mercy in this world !!!!

update : man provide empty house temporary for this family till they get enough money to rent house . thank you


  1. How can someone get money to this family? Please explain or suggest a way for people outside Iraq to get help to this family.

  2. Well it's heart breaker story,
    but how can people send money??

  3. you can send money through Western Union bank it has branches in Mosul, one girl from this family working in the same factory that my mother works in. I told my mom and she accept to receive any money and give the money hand by hand to this family, and for those who live in Iraq I told my mom to ask this girl if she has a phone to contact this family .

  4. For Western Union money transfer, a name of the person who will recieve the money as well as a phone number is required. The Western Union office in Mousul will
    ask the person the money is transfered under his/her name to show an ID (passport, driver's license, etc.) with the same name in order to release the money. Please provide a name and a phone number.

    Wa Jazake Allah Khayra

  5. you can write your email here to arrange for everything.

  6. My e-mail is

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