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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Iraqi kebab, making iraqi kebab

Last friday, we had Iraqi Kebab on lunch it was extremely delicious :) , in Iraq the Kebab ( kabab or كباب ) has great popularity , even it is expensive but still number 1 on the most Iraqi favorite dishes, the secret of the taste is in the way it is done

we take natural wood charcoal and fire it
Natural wood charcoal

when it become like this we put onion skewers
onion over fire
preparing for broilingiraqi kebab

put the kebab over fire and flip each one every 30 seconds
كباب عراقي
Iraqi kebab is ready nowكباب عراقي
we put teapot over the fire before the fire blew
teapot over fire
nothing better than a cup of tea after this meal cup of tea
how to prepare Iraqi Kebab for 12 skewers:

Two pounds of ground beef
One small onion (chopped- fine)
Two small tomatoes (chopped- fine)
Half cup of flour
Half a cup of chopped Parsley
Black peppers (as you like but don't put too much)

mix all these content very good with hands and then take lumps , each the size of your full hand, if meat sticks to your hand, dip the fingers in water and spread to your palm and continue molding until the kebab is about 6-8 inches long (make sure the meat is uniformly distributed).


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