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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Part of Medical Study

Al salamu Alaikum Since everyone asking for information about medical study .. here is best information on Skull Inferior surface and posterior surface and front . I used these Pictures for long time while we were taking lectures about the skull & the anatomical surface of the skull in mosul medical college ..

We have to study every small structure in the skull since we are in the second stage , and this is just the beginning for the hard study for medicine, we study the skull for about two weeks & now we are studying the muscles of the face,nerves, arteries, veins & glands .. and this is little hard to remember all these things ,, but we shall learn every thing .Don't you thing !.


  1. Hi SW!
    Wow, that looks like pretty intense studying to be done! What kind of Dr. do you want to be, have you decided? Cowboy is learning Equine Massage and having to learn all the muscles, tendons, etc etc and where they connect and what performance they do, etc. But you have learn so much! How many years will you have to study until it's completed?
    I'm so impressed and proud of you!
    ~Hugs for you Lady~

  2. thank you dear barb ..
    Your words like a gleam in my mind , I have to study 6 years to be and then I should have 2 years to practice in the hospitals then 2 more years practice in ^ country side then I could be a doctor in my town.. after that I want to be surgeon (very hard I should study 2 more years to be so ) .. It is very hard and takes too much time to be a Doctor ,but I still love medicine where I could help other people to get healthy.. and be good.. now we finish the skull and begin the study of ^ head & neck & ^ brain beside our study last year for ^ upper & lower limbs & ^ abdomen this is just about ^ medicine but we also study biochemistry & physiology & anatomy & medicine fundamentals & histology & human rights beside the labs.all this in ^ same time for this year only ..

  3. Hi S.W,
    those pics of the skull got me back to old days of college.
    take it easy &study hard,how is the situation around the college?
    wish you success.
    good luck

  4. Alsalamu Alaikum
    this what we shall all do , studying very hard to get good marks , hope you success in your study & I wish you good luck.
    the college is good and every thing is ok in it.
    just the cadaver aren't good ( too old about 5 year )
    so the college now need new cadavers to study on it ( now we just have only 4 cadavers ) and we cannot get new cadavers from the forensic hospital because there is a law prevent them from giving us cadavers ..



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