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Friday, October 16, 2009

Being in the Ibn Sina hospital and relieve patients in Mosul

I have good news about Dr. Muzahim Al Khayat dean of mosul medical college had recovered but he still have some complaints ( to know about whats happened to Dr. Muzahim Al Khayat visit this post and see the comments )This week was amazing I went to Ibn Sina hospital in mosul (General hospital) to take history from some patients and communicate with them. I needed to go to the 5 floor and saw young girl has renal failure and she is only 16 year old, she lives in small village, when she was 4 years old she lost both of here kidneys due to polluted water and she got new kidney from here mother, but now her body is rejecting the kidney and she has to do dialysis every week.

I asked her if has ever gone to school and she said that she had been left the school when she was 11 years old because of her disease. Also she had hypertension due to her renal failure because the kidney isn't functioning well. I tried to make her smile anyhow and to make her feel better.

I met another old woman (80years old) who suffer from her heart, she had angina from 3 months and she was refusing to come to the hospital because she afraid from needles, I was with my friend and we were talking to this old woman and she was very welcoming.

I had also bought new stethoscope from MDF by 20$ and it is really good one.

this is my new MDF stethoscope

MDF stethoscope 777

and this is the Macleod's clinical examination book, it 21$ only

macleod clinical examination book

this is the pathology laboratory it is old and needs reconstruction

this picture taken by me in the last spring in mosul medical college 2009

mosul medical college gardens 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

10 days in mosul city and Duhuk

Just now at 7:32 am of october , 02 , 2009 big explosion happened in mosul city I don't know where but I can tell you that it is big one because of its loudness also few shots are heard and no one in the street nexk to us. "It is really scary when you be in such situation and you won't feel it till you experience to be it war and you wouldn't hear the shot that will kill you. " this how are many people in Iraq thing and live every day to be not afraid from shots or explosions voice.

Last 10 days were filled with many events, my family and I we to Duhuk twice and we bought new furnitures to our new hosue and we went to Dream city in duhuk it is good place if you want to enjoy the GREEN of nature.

The schools and medical college of mosul started in 27/09/2009 and the first day was long day I couldn't wait till 12pm so I back to home. The college uniform will be blur jaket and gray skirt with white shirt.

I will put pictures from our travel to Duhuk