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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 of June 2009 in history

Today 30 of June 2009 ,

I woke up at morning on the sounds of cars in the street , the government considered this day as a national holiday so all my family was in the house , people were celebrating in the street , and exactly at 9:01 am the helicopters were throwing clippings in the air on the streets of mosul and I was able to see them brightly , but it was two streets away from the house and it said that they contain a " congratulation speech " from the chief of ministers of Iraq .

This is the first day in Mosul city that we wouldn't see any soldier in the city , this would be very good .

People were celebrating at the streets and some was serving-out candies and juice to the people in the streets and some were putting on an national songs in the cars.

Actually the american army didn't quit from the city finally but they still around the city of Mosul but not inside it .

Monday, June 29, 2009


Back to the blogging world again after period of exams which last for about 2 months or more , there was the practical exams and the oral exams then the final exams which was the most exhausted for all of us , I have a collection of pictures of what I was facing during this period

Don't be afraid this is what I was studying on in these last couple of weeks ( I make some effect on the pictures by the "Photoshope" , these bones I borrowed from department of Anatomy in Mosul Medical college to study the small partitions and the relations to the skull and the vertebrae of the human and so many subjects related to Anatomy , this is my last year in studying Anatomy , and the next year we will start real connection with patient in the hospital and start to learn and practice the real medicine ( now we just learning)

my sister received a "Budgie bird" as a present and he is very nice

and yesterday we went to Dijla river side bank to have a walk and spent good times and when the night came down I took this picture