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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rain .. Rain .. Rain & Rain

Alsalamu alaikum

today there was too much heavy rain from sunshine till now and also there were floods in some regions in Mosul city, so I picked up my mobile to take some shots to show you how it was .. see

rain rain rain
rain in mosul
heavy rain in mosul

fire brigade at mosul floods
برازيلي في فيضانات الموصل
فيضانات الموصل
mosul floods
car in mosul floods

this is the most lasting period with rain, also we heard that the same thing happen in Baghdad ( Iraq capital ) and this happen for the first time in iraq from years to rain like this & in this heavy ..

the examinations start after Eid ( three weeks later ) , so I need to study very hard to get full marks to help me at the final examinations..

this is my trying to make some thing
I took this picture with nokia N70 and made some edits on it
tell me your opinion on it

صور من الموصل

rainy day

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Part of Medical Study

Al salamu Alaikum Since everyone asking for information about medical study .. here is best information on Skull Inferior surface and posterior surface and front . I used these Pictures for long time while we were taking lectures about the skull & the anatomical surface of the skull in mosul medical college ..

We have to study every small structure in the skull since we are in the second stage , and this is just the beginning for the hard study for medicine, we study the skull for about two weeks & now we are studying the muscles of the face,nerves, arteries, veins & glands .. and this is little hard to remember all these things ,, but we shall learn every thing .Don't you thing !.