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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Patients in Ibn Sina Hospital in Mosul and death of my colleague

Who said studying medicine is easy? Oh it is very hard, when I see those patients in the Ibn Sina Hospital in Mosul and what they suffer from, I feel so sorry for them, Its this health that they lost, which is the most important thing we own. Most of the patients in Ibn Sina Hospital are from low social state, they need special care and attention, and as I study there I always see new faces comes in and I have seen more than 3 patients died in front of me, but nothing I can do I am still a student (but more than half a doctor).
To you Israa , Allah 

A couple weeks ago a colleague of me (Israa) died when she had a terrible accident, she was full of energy and just like a flower in spring, but she died and I cried and cried. It is not easy to accept death of someone you know whether she/he was close to you or not, it reminds me of death and that one day I will die and this makes me want to cry but my faith in Allah brings me back to life again and remind me to work hard and to keep on my praying five times per day and to commit to Allah orders.

I will always remember you Israa (Allah mercy for her)