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Sunday, August 23, 2009

skywatch : iraqi country side

iraqi countryside
This picture was taken by me in the countryside we were in a picnic and I took many photos

you can visit other great Skywatch participants at Skywacth Friday There are wonderful photos from all around the world!
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan 2009

Ramadan month for 2009 start this saturday in many arabic countries 22 of August 2009. During Ramadan all muslims are fasting ( from sunrise till sunset ).

This blessed month makes people feel as poor feel who don't find what to eat during the day, Ramadan soften our hearts and remember us for what reason man has been existed in this world it is to faith in Allah.

The meaning of Ramadan is from arabic word الرمضاء which means land ( desert or the hot land ) .

Ramadan also is the ninth in the months of moon . It is 30 or 29 days according to crescent ( the moon months start when the crescent appears to the eye) . After Ramadan there is 3 days that muslims celebrate finishing the fastings days .
Ramadan Mubarak (means blessed ramadan)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baghdad 19/08/2009 under explosions

Today 19/08/2009
95 killed and over 500 injured in Baghdad today. There were 5 Huge explosions hit Baghdad city the capital of Iraq ( the ministry of financial, ministry of defence , ministry of external , deputies board , Alrasheed hotel, Al-Biyaa and Al-Salhia region ) .
The sadness is every where in Iraq, crying our dead . The blood day in baghdad and all Iraq

there will be more pictures when it available to me.

this blog is for blacksmith for the Iraqi dead at 19/08/2009 the blacksmith ends in a week

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ask me a question

Ask me a question picture Hello , from now you can ask me about any thing you want to know about the internet, life, war, designs, working with photoshope, redesign your blogger template, google, pagerank, archiving, earning from internet, and if you any thing to know just let me know.
This page will be opened for you .

You ask and I answer
What you need to ask me ?
you post comment in this page contains your question and I will answer you .. see its simple

now let's talk


Monday, August 17, 2009

HNK's first book on hypermarket's book

Every thing begin with an idea, and then become a dream, a dream become a destination and then finally become a work that may lead to success.

I had read a words that had been stocked in my ears "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" that is how my friend hnk started her post in her blog Iraqi girl , she had published her first book on . She wrote on her diary , poems , thoughts , and her live as a teenager living in the war . My dear hnk I wish you all the luck in your life and your study.

you can buy the book from here

Thursday, August 13, 2009

World warming and things to do

Less Heat and Air Conditioning

Set your thermostat just 2 degrees lower in winter and higher in summer will save about 2,000 pounds of CO2 in year.

Reuse, Recycle

Reduce waste by choosing reusable products instead of disposable things. If recycling half of your household waste, you save 2,500 pounds of CO2 annually.

Change a Light Bulb

Wherever practical, replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. Replacing just one 60-watt incandescent light bulb with a CFL will save you $30 over the life of the bulb. CFLs also last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, use two-thirds less energy, and give off 70 percent less heat.

Drive Less and Smart

Besides saving gasoline, walking and biking are great forms of exercise. Explore your community mass transit system, and check out options for carpooling to work or school.

Every gallon of gas you save not only helps your budget, it also keeps 20 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Energy-Efficient Products

If you need to buy a new car, choose one that offers good gas mileage. Home appliances now come in a range of energy-efficient models, and compact florescent bulbs are designed to provide more natural-looking light while using far less energy than standard light bulbs.

Avoid products that come with excess packaging, especially molded plastic and other packaging that can't be recycled. If you reduce your household garbage by 10 percent, you can save 1,200 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Less Hot Water

Set your water heater at 120 degrees to save energy, and wrap it in an insulating blanket if it is more than 5 years old. Buy low-flow showerheads to save hot water and about 350 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly. Wash your clothes in warm or cold water will reduce your use of hot water and the energy required to produce it. That change alone can save at least 500 pounds of carbon dioxide annually in most households. Use the energy-saving settings on your dishwasher and let the dishes air-dry.

While brushing your teeth, wash the dog or washing your car, turn off the water until you actually need it for rinsing. You'll reduce your water bill and help to save a vital resource.

Plant a Tree

During photosynthesis, trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. A single tree can absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime.

Encourage Others to Conserve

Share information about recycling and energy conservation with your friends, neighbors and co-workers, and take opportunities to encourage public officials to establish programs and policies that are good for the environment.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How can we live more ?

Yesterday 5 August 2009
3 young men shot policeman and woman in the market near our house , 2 of these three men killed by the policemen fire , exactly at yesterday 5/8/2009 at 12 pm we heard hundreds of shots and it was really horrible, that day me and my sister were in the same market at 10 am in the same day . !!!
An officer dies and two has been injured from NDI ( Ninavah drug industries) company in Mosul , they were going home at 3 pm where their car exploded (bomb glued to the car), and the investigation still open .

finally now words to say

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Iraqi kebab, making iraqi kebab

Last friday, we had Iraqi Kebab on lunch it was extremely delicious :) , in Iraq the Kebab ( kabab or كباب ) has great popularity , even it is expensive but still number 1 on the most Iraqi favorite dishes, the secret of the taste is in the way it is done

we take natural wood charcoal and fire it
Natural wood charcoal

when it become like this we put onion skewers
onion over fire
preparing for broilingiraqi kebab

put the kebab over fire and flip each one every 30 seconds
كباب عراقي
Iraqi kebab is ready nowكباب عراقي
we put teapot over the fire before the fire blew
teapot over fire
nothing better than a cup of tea after this meal cup of tea
how to prepare Iraqi Kebab for 12 skewers:

Two pounds of ground beef
One small onion (chopped- fine)
Two small tomatoes (chopped- fine)
Half cup of flour
Half a cup of chopped Parsley
Black peppers (as you like but don't put too much)

mix all these content very good with hands and then take lumps , each the size of your full hand, if meat sticks to your hand, dip the fingers in water and spread to your palm and continue molding until the kebab is about 6-8 inches long (make sure the meat is uniformly distributed).