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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3rd stage in mosul medical college

hello all of you, I miss the BLOG world and all my internet world it was very long time since I have write any post in my blogs. We had moved to new house and we still waiting till we get the internet service in our new house, the house is really comfort and every thing is elegant but we are facing problems with establishing net connection.

this new year I become officially 1/2 doctor


this year (3rd stage at medical college) is so funny and I am enjoying my time in the college and in the hospital. We are learning how to get communication with patients and trying to relieve some of their pain by nice words and good treatment and in the same time try to rich the level of knowledge in which we can heal some one.

Today it is raining heavely in Mosul/Iraq and I went to the college network to write to you this short post.

I will write another post as soon as I could and I wish you nice day without raining.