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Friday, September 11, 2009

Iraqi people before war on Iraq

Before war on iraq the people of iraq were under economic siege where no imported food, clothes , and many things. I remember the " dates candy " which was the chocolate of Iraqi children between 1991 till 2003 and there was few other types of chocolats made in iraq and few chocolates from Turkey that was expensive according to the size ( small one coast $0.4 while the salary of the officals was few dollars this was early 90s). I'm talking about most of people of Iraq ( normal working people )

I remember that mom was sewing and knitting us new beautiful clothes because all the clothes in the market were ugly and unproper. Families of Iraq learnt to make every thing at home including bread, clothes, glue, and people of Iraq were inventing new ways to lower spending money to minimum.

However before war on Iraq in 2003 life in Iraq was peaceful calm life no one kills or kidnaps anyone in the Day ! or even in night, no one dares to do this and there was no bombing no suicides. baghdad before 2003 war or Iraq
to be continued on Iraqi people after war on Iraq 2003


  1. i am a hispanic currently dating an Iraqi and i must say he is the best man i have been with he respects me in every way and respects my culture i love him so much i do not care what other people think of us i am very happy with him i wish one day i could see the iraq you talk about :)

  2. I am Chinese and I met my Iraqi husband in Canada. I have dated many men from different ethnic background and I found the common "white" men to be less respectful to women in general. What I mean is that I prefer to be treated as a lady with respect and I will treat my man as a gentleman. I did not find that with most north american guys.... I had to pay for myself even on a coffee date. And if they had paid for dinner, they expected sex... and I had to open my own door, and pull out my own chair. With my man, he was a traditional gentleman. What a breath of fresh air. For those making comments about any other culture with any authority, they are idiots. Everyone should live amongst other cultures, travel the world, eat ethnic foods, make different friends, learn their language, will not only find we all have many issues and ideas in common, but there should be no war.
    I am shamed how people believe everything that is gossip. GOD will have his day of judgement soon

  3. I do agree with you except for the last part. have you fergotton the dogs of saddam jumping our houses and take our youth? have you fergotton the Iran-Iraq war which the dog saddam started and murderd thousands of our youth, or the war with Kuwait. The majority of the Iraqi people lived in horror.


Your comment make this thing more clear to me, say what you want to say but don't stay calm..