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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Surgery, Medicine Courses in Medical college 2011

Surgery, then Medicine and now gynecology these are the courses that I'm studying here in Medical college in the fourth year. Surgery was totally new to me but i like it and i enjoyed every day in the course because the patients were very cooperative and they didn't annoy us (the students) with too many questions thinking that we are doctors) but in fact we were still studying to become DOCTORS. 

Medicine course was short and very annoying with too many systems to study (Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, Abdomen, Central nervous system, and General examination of the patient) plus general informations about medical conditions , medicine course i had to get to the 5th floor to reach the ward in which i do my study, and because the elevator was always filled with patients and 'bodies' some times so i was forced to claim all the stairs on feet!! and i can tell this is not fun and not easy at all and very exhausting !!!!! sometimes i see 'House' and think about if there is one like him in the reality, he is so wierd and nut but brilliant.

In medicine course i saw three patient dying because of their complicated diseases at first i was fulled with emotions of saddness but next time i felt nothing !!!??? didn't know why ! this is horrible when i think about it now.

In gynecological course (now) i found some hards because its totally new thing to me but i can tell that newborn babys' voices are not the same !! hahaha .. I always hear newborn babys crying and they have annoying voices but when i look to them i find my self very happy and full with pleasure .

I'm not going to talk any thing about the political changes that happened are are happening now in many countries because this make me feel so sad.

At the end i would like to ask if any one of you had seen someone dies infront of you? and how you dealt with the condition?