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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

13 most beautiful pictures of Duhok city in Iraq

This collection of 13 beautiful pictures of duhok city taken by me in 2009 from my trip to duhok city you can see green is controlling everything in duhok and the people are living freely and with great space of peace and green. Through the trip I didn't see single concrete barrier in the streets or any "army men" in the streets but the traffic man; in duhok there is a lot to see and to explore especially in the mountains of duhok and in the north of the city where one of the most beautiful areas I have been visited , the summer resorts in north of duhok city consider as the most peaceful and full of green where man hand didn't destroy the nature life there. I will leave you with the pictures of Duhok :

in the park of Mazi super market
Mazi super market

this picture taken by me in Zawita resort