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Friday, July 2, 2010

Delicious bread , how Bread looks like in Iraq and price of bread

Bread is one of most important daily requirements in Iraq and bread is present in every meal or dish with its white, tasty , smell and its not rough or hard or even " toasted bread" , just white bread. The price of bread in Iraq is about 9 cent (10 of bread for 84 cent) and for this price of bread all people can buy it.

bread in tanoor
bread bakeries are wide spread in the city and in every corner "photo of bread"
white bread from iraq

baking bread in iraq
bread is baked mainly in " Tanoor" which is made of clay free of any silica content (or mud), some grasses for pliability, along with some binders. and it really give the bread the greatest taste..
baking bread in tanoor


  1. thanks for showing us how Iraqi bread looks like I love the Iraqi bread and I have once ate Iraqi bread in Iraqi restaurant in my town and its really good and thanks again for the pic. Jake

  2. you welcome jake :) , I'm glad you liked the Iraqi Bread and now I know that not the Iraqi just like the Iraqi Bread but also people from worldwide :D ..

  3. good stuff, loved it while I was over there and was trying to find some sort of recipe


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