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Sunday, August 1, 2010

around the world with richest king in world

Today I begin with reading electronic newspapers about richest king and about Iraq and other Arabic countries and every time I read i feel there is something wrong with this world and I see the floods in Pakistan killed over 1000 and the count is on, where on other hand I read about the richest king in world is king of Thailand Bhumibol published by "Forbes" and the richest king was King of Thailand Bhumibol richest king in worldrichest king in world age 82 with 30 billions.

I wonder if someone has 30 billions what he/she would do with this money? buying house , car two three cars and what then ! just buying and don't remember others who in need to fundamental stuffs of life .

If you have 30 billion dollar
what you would do with it ? this is my question for today

to me if I had 30 billion dollar would travel around world and donate to poor people and to widows and orphans , I would give a share to my relatives and I won't forget to help those in need, propably I would make free food bank to give food every day to people who cant get some and I would go to mecca to do Hajj ( Pilgrimage)


  1. just as you I would share with family,travel the world. I would set up foundation to use investment earnings to help as many as possible in need.

  2. You dont know how to spent,start searching about SUltanate of Brunei.


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