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Friday, May 15, 2009

exams and study

Alsalamu alaikum

hello all

this period is the most hard to me at all because of the practical exams day after day , yesterday I done the biology exam, I was very exhausted these last two weeks (with only 3 hours sleeping at night ) , my next exam will be the next tuesday (physiology) and it need " know-how " we will do all blood tests and the reflex tests on CNS (central nervous system) beside ECG (how to make ECG to a patient ) -this will be the most embarrassment to the patient we apply at him- . Then from 1 - 24 June we will do the rest of the exams after that I will have the summer holiday

picture from the college
anatomy laboratory (we put the cadaver (corpse) on these white benches )

see you after finishing the exams .. :)