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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Wonderful Beautiful Country Iraq

Iraqi flag

Iraq is My wonderful country
Despite of the fact that iraq now passing in a big war , but Iraq did not lost the beauty and admirability. Truly the bombs destroyed every beautiful thing even man. But beauty will never disappear, it is in the simplest things in Iraq , here is some picture from my town Mosul And my country Iraq.
green in iraq+mosul city
Photos from Iraq
msoul city
mosul in heart
beautiful mosul

mosul city mosul from sky
mosul city

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dr. Phil's personality Test

Hi every one I found this wonderful test , one of most clear test that you your real personal properties. and this is how you will found your self.. There 10 Questions answer it all . It is nice test I recommended you to try it , do not forget to tell us what you get..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mosul dam : danger of collapse

Iraq's largest dam is in danger of collapsing and killing tens of thousands of people in a massive flood, according to a US report. It is formerly known as Saddam Dam. The US inspector for Iraq reconstruction on Tuesday said a $27m US project had not improved the Mosul Dam on the Tigris river in northern Iraq, which could buckle under water pressure and let loose a 20-metre wave. The report from Stuart Bowen, the special inspector-general for Iraqi construction, cited assessments by the US army corps of engineers, which called the current probability of dam failure "exceptionally high". His report also included a letter to Nuri al-Maliki, Iraq's prime minister, from the US ambassador to Iraq and the chief US military commander, which said: "A catastrophic failure of the Mosul Dam would result in flooding along the Tigris river all the way to Baghdad."
The dam was completed in 1984, but it was built on soluble soils that move and create cavities under the dam and its banks. Those cavities must be grouted to prevent collapsing.

here is some pictures of mosul dam "SADDAM DAM"

big snake that appeared near Mosul Dam
Banks of mosul dam

freaky is not it?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wallpaper of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

I found some wallpaper of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and some screen savers and they are nice try some all you need is to click on the picture you want it.

Screen Savers

Parade of Athletes in Beijing 2008

Members of the Olympic Delegation of Chinese Hong Kong
Members of the Olympic Delegation of Jamaica

The Turkey delegation

The Turkey delegation

Delegation of Greece

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Is Fantastic

Before more than one hour the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games have been started and it is really brilliant every thing in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is wonderful and great.It is more than we were expected from Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and it is really fantastic .

see more from

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Photos:: NEW

Every One knows Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Here is pictures from Beijing 2008 Olympic Games