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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Wonderful Beautiful Country Iraq

Iraqi flag

Iraq is My wonderful country
Despite of the fact that iraq now passing in a big war , but Iraq did not lost the beauty and admirability. Truly the bombs destroyed every beautiful thing even man. But beauty will never disappear, it is in the simplest things in Iraq , here is some picture from my town Mosul And my country Iraq.
green in iraq+mosul city
Photos from Iraq
msoul city
mosul in heart
beautiful mosul

mosul city mosul from sky
mosul city


  1. Your country is very beautiful! :-) It's very sad that people destroy everything... We think that Earth is our property and we can do whatever we want to.
    Earth will survive, we don't.

  2. These photos are so beautiful. How brave you are to see the beauty during war. I'm praying for you and your countrymen ;)

  3. Hi Sylvie
    I wants to thank you for great feeling.
    you know not all your fingers are the same .. some strangers are now doing every bad thing in Iraq ,, they are destroying our country and we can not recognize them. they look like us but we cannot see them , they are just like animals in my thought.. Just doing what they told to do.

  4. hi Lorraine
    I glad to see you here in my blog ,, thanks for your beautiful feeling , and for all your prayers,,

  5. They are not animals, cause animals are fighting for what they really need to survive. They are just weak people. I think they don't realize what they are doing. They are like dolls in bad people's hands. I'm too young to remember II world war in Poland...
    And I can't even imagine, how You must feel... I don't uderstand WHY?! FOR WHAT?! Money? Power? All those stupid political reasons? People! You are killing your own children! You are destroying your own houses! You are killng yourselves! WHY? Is it worth it? ask youself...

  6. Hi Dear Sylvei
    I tell you ,, those strange people cash money for doing those things, I heard too many stories about those strange people how cash money for bombing a car or house these days. they will do every thing for money , but some of them may be innocent , such that man that we heard about him , the terrorists kidnapped him and then they drugged him and feted him to the leash of the bomb car and let him go when he was drugged and when he awoke he came near the police station to learn the police but the terrorists bombed the car.

  7. What gorgeous pictures of your country SW! How sad it is still being marred by war.
    Sorry I haven't been around - was offline for 3 weeks and am just catching up now on everyone's blogs.
    Also I replied to your question about using Bagasse.

  8. These pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    I am praying for you and your family!

  9. hi Janice
    glad to see you here dear .. I love my country so I see it beautiful even if there is war,the life should continue


  10. SW, I'm so glad to be able to see the warmth, the love, the life you still have in your heart. Being so far away from the war that you witness everyday, I only have compassion and sadnes for your people.
    My prayers and thoughts go out to you!

  11. Dear wow factor
    I am very glad to hear these words from you
    you don't know how it encouraged me
    every day I supplicate to Allah(God) to return Peace to my country...


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