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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rain .. Rain .. Rain & Rain

Alsalamu alaikum

today there was too much heavy rain from sunshine till now and also there were floods in some regions in Mosul city, so I picked up my mobile to take some shots to show you how it was .. see

rain rain rain
rain in mosul
heavy rain in mosul

fire brigade at mosul floods
برازيلي في فيضانات الموصل
فيضانات الموصل
mosul floods
car in mosul floods

this is the most lasting period with rain, also we heard that the same thing happen in Baghdad ( Iraq capital ) and this happen for the first time in iraq from years to rain like this & in this heavy ..

the examinations start after Eid ( three weeks later ) , so I need to study very hard to get full marks to help me at the final examinations..

this is my trying to make some thing
I took this picture with nokia N70 and made some edits on it
tell me your opinion on it

صور من الموصل

rainy day


  1. Boy that is a lot of rain, we don't get anything like that where I live.

  2. Hello,

    Great photos....It was so so nice to finally get the rain we saw yesterday. Al-humdllah

    Again I would suggest you upload them to:

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Cactus Jack Splash

    well I could tell that I'm usually having fun with rain , but not like it at these levels.. BTW I'm now trying to register in "" to try it

  4. great pics, ive tried to find pictures like those because i only heard about rainy days in mosul. just like some destricts in baghdad,they need boats :),thanks god our drainage system is still efficient.
    how did you go to college with such floods!!
    study hard and good luck.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. just like some destricts in baghdad,they need boats :),
    yes as you said just we need the Gondola :)

    thanks god our drainage system is still efficient.
    you should be happy that you don't have problems with drainage system , this flood happend in certain regions in mosul

    how did you go to college with such floods!!
    thanks god that it was saturday not sunday :)

    thanks for sharing.
    you welcome

  6. BTW
    I tried the
    and it is really gorgeous and very fast in uploading
    thank you BOOKISH for your advice

  7. You have won an award. Go to to pick it up

  8. Not at all, glad you liked it. :)

  9. Oh SW! I've been wondering about you!! And now look! You're knee deep in water! Ouch! Bet it was hard to get around with that much water everywhere!
    I'm so glad you are OK!
    Hope school is going great for you, I think of you so often.
    Hugs Sweet Lady!

  10. Cactus Jack Splash
    I will check , thank you .. BTW how are you doing with horses, are they cute ? I didn't deal with any before.. and you most find them lovely & I voted for your friends .

    I loved your blogs very much, especially ( keep on touch

  11. Hi Sweet Barb
    don't worry about me every thing is ok (^-^).
    now we are having sunny days , I think this is happening because of the Global Warming, just having heavy rain then suddenly sunny days .. this is strange especially on our land, these days from the last two years were rainy , but now the weather is changing around us .
    Dear Barb have a good times..


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