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Friday, October 2, 2009

10 days in mosul city and Duhuk

Just now at 7:32 am of october , 02 , 2009 big explosion happened in mosul city I don't know where but I can tell you that it is big one because of its loudness also few shots are heard and no one in the street nexk to us. "It is really scary when you be in such situation and you won't feel it till you experience to be it war and you wouldn't hear the shot that will kill you. " this how are many people in Iraq thing and live every day to be not afraid from shots or explosions voice.

Last 10 days were filled with many events, my family and I we to Duhuk twice and we bought new furnitures to our new hosue and we went to Dream city in duhuk it is good place if you want to enjoy the GREEN of nature.

The schools and medical college of mosul started in 27/09/2009 and the first day was long day I couldn't wait till 12pm so I back to home. The college uniform will be blur jaket and gray skirt with white shirt.

I will put pictures from our travel to Duhuk


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