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Friday, September 18, 2009

Eid al fiter 2009 on Iraqi traditions

eid card
When Eid al fitr start ?
Eid al fitr start after ramadan month end. It is 3 days, Eid al fitr remarks that the muslims had completed the fasting ( which is 30 or 29 fasting days according to sight of crescent ). Eid al Fitr is also called ( small eid ), people wearing new beautiful clothes and greeting each others with finishing the fasting. The common greeting ( Blessed Eid ) or ( happy eid) and wishing happiness to every one.

Eid fitr traditions in Iraq

at the first morning ( 7:20 am ) all muslim men go to mosque to do Eid prayer and when they come back to home after an hour all the family members are awake and have prepaired the breakfast and the children waiting for "edania" ( parents give money for the children so they go to buy toys and chocolates and to go to blay in see saw and to have fun.

Then the family goes to the grandfathers house and gathering with the relatives and having good time, the grandfathers give children money also.

And the family visits the relatives and builds happy bonds between families. This what give the Eid its flavor of happiness and joy.

I designed this card to greet you with eid

click on the card to enlarge it
eid card


  1. happy eid to all people , happy eid to all muslim nation , happy eid to you blogger members

  2. eid mübarek!to muslim nation!
    from Turkey selam!

  3. thanks cicibici and eid mubarak to you too and all the nations around world


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