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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New house and Arabisk competition

arabisk competition for best arabic blogMany days passed without any activity in my blogger account because I was busy with cleaning our new house I'll tell you every thing just a moment. Taking big breath, these days my family is planning to move to new big house, extremely beautiful and comfort, contain 9 rooms. It was designed by my father the big architect.

In these days of Ramadan month we fast from sunrise till sunset and praying most of the night (beside the 5 prayings of normal day) I ask God to protect my family and my brothers all the time from anything, and to be a good doctor, to help people anywhere, and guide them.

If anyone knows Arabisk Award competition, I joined it with my Arabic blogs (they are two. One on Autism and the other about doing new things in this world help in making better life) the prize is $4000 for the first two winners.
Wish me luck


Your comment make this thing more clear to me, say what you want to say but don't stay calm..