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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Earth shake in Mosul / Iraq = earthquake

Now at 11:30 pm 19 of July 2009 an earthquake strike My town (Mosul/Iraq ) and I felt it. this is horrible feeling , my little brother said " earth planet will fall !!! " he is only 7 years old and he is so frightened from this and still awake till now.

We didn't get hurt and I didn't hear any thing collapse , nothing fall on the ground , but really my bed was shaking hard and and I felt like this feeling in first days of war on Iraq when there was an US army rocket passing over our home and it was night and my bed was moving on the ground while I was sleeping this was so creepy


  1. I felth earthquakeJuly 19, 2009 at 12:39 AM

    me too I felt this earthquake this night in Mosul city of Iraq , this is the first time I feel with such earthquake

  2. هذه الهزة الأرضية في مدينة الموصل في العراق كانت محسوسة ويقال أن غدا الأحد يوجد حظر تجول في مدينة الموصل الى الساعة 12 ظهر بسبب الهزة الأرضية
    this earthquake in Mosul / Iraq was so evident in Mosul city and I think all the city is still awake till now

  3. Yes, S.W., i felt the earthquake, it was wowwwww.
    والله ياعيني, هي هاي الناقصتنا, هزات ارضيه!!!I supposed some creature to be hiden ,oh, it was really a wonderful feeling, just like in movies!!!! lol, i liked it, yes!!!!

  4. This was so scary to me, I saw the wall and furniture were shaking to left and right and me too , honestly I was afraid that the house will fall on our heads.

  5. S.W,

    Thank ALLAH for your safety. This's a rare natural phenomena.I pray that our people in Mosul and all the other Iraqi cities won't experience such a thing any more.

    Take care,

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  7. Hi,
    Are you sure it is earth quake
    I was in Mosul from 1984 till 1992
    never felt any earth quake in Mosul.
    only bomb/messile from neighbouring country.

  8. hello zm sorry for late, but yes it is true and we felt it for the first time in mosul and I hope it will be the last.


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