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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Many times I ask my self
how far can we can get so close to our dreams??
I mean to where we would catch up our dreams. Is there a line separates between reality and dreams? or we could make any thing !!

When I was kid I used to imagine my self as a doctor with white dress and a stethoscope on the neck and now I'm making this dream with my hands as I'm studying medicine now and only 4 years separate me from this ( 4years till graduating).
But there is so many dreams in my head they still only dreams , I couldn't make them by my self and day by day these dreams are dying as dreams and disappearing.

do you think that we should hang up with dreams?

oh ... dreams


  1. Hello dear S.W

    your post needs a deep contemplating.. i myself live the dreams, i mean i always imagine myself as a cartoon heroine or...insomuch, i took an umbrella once and went to the top of our house, and tried to fly using it, but dad kept asking me to let it aside.. this was when i was 3 years old.. lol, i wanted to be like sunbul, lol.

    dreams make the life less dull, we shouldnt make our life depends on dreams, dreams were found to make the man feels of the truth and makes him finds his way by his own..

    May god make all your dreams come true..

  2. Never give up your dreams S.W! Especially when they are so close to your grasp that they will turn from a dream to reality and all your hard work and dedication will be realized. It is only human to have doubts along the way, just as long as you never give up on your goals. Your posts make it clear how successful you will be based on your motivation and intelligence. I am glad you are forthright in sharing your thoughts and feelings in your posts. Good luck in all your studies, the four years until you are a doctor will pass in no time!


Your comment make this thing more clear to me, say what you want to say but don't stay calm..