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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Success .. and study for next year

I'm happy these days because I succeed in college and I will be in 3rd stage next year . I'm so happy and I want to study from the summer to understand the lectures more and be able to get higher and higher marks next year to get more experience and more knowledge , I'll study alone with no teacher no doctor to explain to me anything but I'll be on my own and try to explain every thing with aid of books and try to make every thing clear till the beginning of school ..

see you with my next post


  1. Congratulation on your Success!
    May ALLAH make all the ways of your life as successful as Today!

    Take care,

  2. Hello s.w,

    I'm glad to be on your blog :) :)
    it is a so nice one, really, i liked it :)

    congratulations for your success :) :) :) i hope i'll join medical college, i hope my marks will allow me to do so.. mmmmm

    mom says that it's important to study so hard in medical college, because its such an important career, that is related to people and their
    يكولون البنيه ورده اذا تريدوها تذبل دخلوها كلية طب!!! فضيع

    best wishes :) :) be safe

  3. S.W
    ما غاح احكي انكليزي .. لأن انا يا بالمصلاوي يا بالبغدادي ارتاح
    الف مبرووووووووووووووووك النجاح وعقبال التخرج
    انشالله الثالث يسهل عليكي ...


  4. Welcome sandybelle inshaalah you make your dream come true and go to medical college .
    هو صحيح هذا المثل الي كلتيه بس شوفي اذا انتِ رغبتج ان تفوتين كلية الطب كل شي يصير سهل وحلو فد مرة وما يصعب عليج شي
    وإن شاء الله تدخلين كلية الطب من اوسع ابوابها

    مرحبا بنفسج الله يبارك لكي
    الله يسهلها علينا وعليكم


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