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Friday, January 30, 2009

tomorrow I will elect

tomorrow is the day where all (most of) the iraqis will go to elect who represent them in the government to "Provincial Elections" , and it is the first time to me to elect someone since I become over 18 years old .. :) so I am happy .
today the americans overthrew leaflets on the city (mosul) and there was prohibition for driving in streets it will last for 2 days from today, besides when we go to elect tomorrow we can't carry bags or mobile phones, and we will go on foot (this looks like an adventure-to me at least-) .
I took a picture for the leaflets

leaflets on mosul
'' the new techniques goal for the bad people who wants to disturb the elections.''
"the security uses new techniques to protect people of Mosul city "
I finished my exams a week ago but I wanted to have some rest before I return for writing on , in this week we went to mosul forests on Dijla riverside, it was wonderful day, and I didn't forget to take few pictures for Dijla river

these are the pictures for dijla river

forests dijla river photo photos of dijla river

this is little islet in the middle of the river ,

islet in dijla river

I saw little cat cat at the forests :) ,

cat in forests


  1. Hiiiiii SW,it been a long time for me too since my last visit to your blog.i went and vote this morning.your pictures took me back to old days.and this islet and the forests ,oh my god i do miss is the college and the hospital? as soon as i come to mosul i'll have breakfast at the canteen of the college as i used to.
    thanks for sharing pics.
    best wishes.

  2. Glad you got to have a bit of a vacation. Hope all went well with the voting

  3. hi all
    Baghdad dentist , you should come and visit mosul especially the forests it is very beautiful and relaxing place ,thanks for your vote
    Cactus Jack Splash
    thanks, hope you all have good times

  4. You have some great photographs of the sky. No matter what else is happening there is all that beauty right above us.

  5. thank you Clare you are right the beauty lies above us , I want to document every moment in my life with a photograph ,this is what I adore. I have very larg collection of sky photos that I took by my self and they are beautiful .

  6. My goodness SW!
    I don't know why my following thing wasn't picking you up and telling me you were posting again!! I'm sorry...but Oh I'm glad to see you back! I've been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing! I've missed you Lady!
    I hope your election day went pleasingly well for you.
    I love seeing the pictures you've posted! Thank you for sharing some beauty of your country with us!
    How is college going??
    I will try to get a few pictures of my little town for you, maybe when it greens up a bit. Looks kind of drab and dreary right now.
    Welcome back to blogland!
    Hugs my dear friend~

  7. Some very beautiful photographs. I love the half-light you captured. That island was truly haunting. Maybe I will try an oilpainting of it from your picture if I have the time. :)

  8. Hi barb, I'm still in vacation and till next sunday, yes the elections were perfect and everything was ok ,

    *Happy virtual friends *
    virtual hugs :D
    - - - -
    Hello Bruno,I would be happy if you could do the oilpainting If you had time for this of-course.

  9. HI SW...I cannot post a comment on your special day with your family! I love the photos of the birds in the trees.
    How many are in your family? Are you the oldest?
    Looks a great time you all had.
    ~Hugs sweet friend~
    (guess I'd better contact blogger, because I'm not getting feed when you post either...)

  10. Peace be upon you
    Hello Barb, I live in a family of 6 people. I think there is a problem in my Feedburner, I have reform and I think that today there is no problem, generally if you have the same problem, you can re-subscribe, or use the following link directly (copy the link then go to the box "Blogs I'm Following" and then on the "Add" and then add the link that you copy and then "Next" and "Follow" and you will find that the problem had been resolved).


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