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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 of June 2009 in history

Today 30 of June 2009 ,

I woke up at morning on the sounds of cars in the street , the government considered this day as a national holiday so all my family was in the house , people were celebrating in the street , and exactly at 9:01 am the helicopters were throwing clippings in the air on the streets of mosul and I was able to see them brightly , but it was two streets away from the house and it said that they contain a " congratulation speech " from the chief of ministers of Iraq .

This is the first day in Mosul city that we wouldn't see any soldier in the city , this would be very good .

People were celebrating at the streets and some was serving-out candies and juice to the people in the streets and some were putting on an national songs in the cars.

Actually the american army didn't quit from the city finally but they still around the city of Mosul but not inside it .


  1. Finally began in small steps your independence, you are freed of a criminal dictator dearly, and especially with the mother of lies, or that existed in Iraq of dangerous weapons of mass extermination.

    Ok for mozilla firefox, google chrome also goes very well.

    Best regards,

    & & S.I. & &

  2. Till now there are abuses from the helicopters of US army on the air of Mosul city as I saw these few days .
    Actually I didn't try google chrome because it said that it collect huge info from your PC and even what you are think or write and erase quickly in the search box and this frighten me a little bit

  3. firefox is probably the best, it has had some instability problems with some computers since its recent upgrades.

    I'd stick with it though, or otherwise try Opera.

    what do you mean when you said "abuses from the helicopters of US army" ? do you mean you have just seen them flying over the city? Or is it something else ?

  4. I meant that they were flying over the city while it suppose to stay outside the city , and we don't see everything ..

    Now I have both IE7 and firefox 3.0.1 and I don't use the IE7 because it is too slow and make my PC too slow and the firefox simply better than the IE7

  5. ahh yes, im sure they will continue to fly over the city on "surveillance" missions for a fairly long time to come yet, because their air forces are still available as support when requested by the Iraqi police & army; since the Iraqi army is not yet sufficiently armed with helicopters or planes.

    I think it may be years before the US air force and air-support crews truly leave Iraq, no matter what the governments say.

  6. yes this is true even I see small surveillance planes flying all the time over the city beside their helicopter type" Apache ".

    Once,in the morning I was going to college in the car and we were crossing the bridge that connect both sides of Mosul city I saw two helicopters were bombing here and there and it was obvious to see that white line that the rockets made that moment and I said :
    "one day these rockets will fall on our heads and kill us " this is how we live every day expecting to die at any moment ..


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