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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interview with Iraqi blogger

Hello, since while I was thinking of making un interview with Iraqi bloggers who I know through my life and I was lucky to know Violet she writes on her blogs since 2008, writing her diaries on violet for peace lets know who is violet in few questions

violet for peace
What is your name (nick name) ?

What are you studying now ?

How did you know ?is it was from a friend or search
I know "BLOGGER" since along time , but who had encouraged me to blog is a friend

When did you start blogging?
August 2008

What was your dream about blogging ? ( how did you imagine your blog will be look like )
    "TheFrank me" , this what I want my blog to be

    How many hours do you spend to prepare a POST ?
    not more than 1/2 an hour

    Do you thing of making money from your blog in the future ?
    No, I have never thought about that

    How did blogs affects your life and how many hours do you spend surfing blogs of other people ?
    I like too many blogs , and i spend more time in reading them than in caring about my own blog!

    Do you see benefits of blogging in english instead of arabic ? and how?
    Yes, actually ....
    It reinforce my english language , and it has done actually!

    Could you tell name of 5 blogs you love so much ? (except mine of course)
    Fog el Nakhal

    How many blogs are you following now?

    Have you encouraged any friend to start new blog?
    I have , and i will :)


    1. thanks for letting us know all these infos

    2. hello Anonymous this is not the end of my interviews and every month there will be new person to talk with him. and you welcome at any time

    3. please tell us more about iraqi bloggers and their life in iraq

    4. ok Jack there will be more interviews every month


    Your comment make this thing more clear to me, say what you want to say but don't stay calm..