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Thursday, April 8, 2010

9 of april 2010 in history of Iraq

Its friday 9 of april 2010 and it is holiday in Iraq and all arabic countries and we have changeable weather here in Iraq this week but now it is clear with cool winds that make everyone feels better, however this day carry sad memory to all Iraqi people since it remind them with the memoir of the War on Iraq in 2003/4/9 and how many people in Iraq loss members of their families from that day till this hour and the count is still on, and especially after the election day in Iraq on 7 of march 2010 when more that 62% of Iraqis give there votes for the persons whom they thought they will be good for Iraq but till now and even after announcement of the results of the elections nothing changed and I am talking on personal side in my city more concrete barrier placed to close the main streets and sub-streets in the city which make very big traffic jam and many many accident all over the day because of these barriers (placed by the army force) and now they are using walls of concrete (2.5 meter high) and this is so terrible and make everyone gets nervous and hypertensive quickly.

see the barriers at the left blocking the entery to hospital from one side
here the barriers is in the middle and blocking a street near the hospital
barriersthis is how I see things from my point that all these explodes happening now is for political reasons and to keep the army under control of certain persons "with power" to make anything.