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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cup of Iraqi tea in summer day[Iraqi tea] [make Iraqi tea]

Cup of Tea has great effects on way of living, decrease stress, relieve headache, full of caffeine!. Iraqi people drinks lots of tea per day especially old men who meet in shops to chat and drink tea and play backgammon or domino game. Iraqi tea is great and Iraqi people always drink black tea, some old people drinks sugar free tea but the most drinks cup of tea with sugar, most popular tea here in Iraq is that from Ceylon (ceylon tea) it has the greatest taste and makes my mood relax and happy.
backgammon picture from

to make cup of tea on Iraqi way you need whole leaf tea and teapot, put the tea leaves with water on gas, then wait till it boil and thats it you made a cup of Iraqi tea :)
whole leaf black tea in iraq picture by me

the teapot i used to make tea in
chines tea pot we use it to make tea in Iraqi way :) picture by me
cup of hot Iraqi tea makes my mood fantastic
iraqi tea cup picture by me 

Do you like tea? let me know please . 


  1. I just had some tea yesterday. I do not know where I could buy full-leaf tea. Wish I had some now.

  2. Hi Amanda, you can find full leaf tea in any supermarket just you need to search for (full leaf), I prefer ceylon black tea it has the greatest taste .


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