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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Terrorism in iraq

The president of Iraq has told the president of Iran to stop funding and sponsoring the insurgency in Iraq. Recently, RPG 29s with armored piercing rounds were found in Iraq in the hands of insurgents. These RPG 29s are manufactured in Iran and so we know where they came from. The president of Iraq has told the president of Iran if this does not cease and desist immediately that Iraq will respond in kind. What does this mean?

It means in Iraq realizes it cannot stop the insurgency because it is being sponsored by a nation-state of Iran, which has a million man army. It also means that if Iran does not stop them, then Iraq will send insurgents into Iran since international terrorism seems to be a weapon of choice in the Middle East and Iraq is getting sick of having its people and innocent women and children slaughtered.

Should Iraq be allowed to use insurgency and international terrorism to defeat international terrorism? Does an eye for an eye still hold true? These are tough questions to answer, but if you were in the president of Iraq's shoes what would you do? Some tough choices have to be made and it appears they may be in the near future.


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