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Monday, September 29, 2008

A cup of Tea

Every morning when I wake up, wash my face then make a cup of tea ..
it is very peaceful when you drink warm cup of tea in the morning in your kitchen or even in garden, feeling like you forget every thing , not even try to finish it to enjoy more time .. this is what I am facing every day, not just I but everyone does ..
but have we thought for once from where this tea comes..

this warm cup of tea came to us as this shape at first then we put it in the tea pot

then put it in tea pot

but I needed more info so I searched in to see more ..
then knew this ... How people get tired to bring us the tea that we drink ,, this warm feeling don't come with ease

so from now I will think with different way


  1. Hello! I am a morning (actually, all day!) coffee drinker, but after this post, I too, will think about the hard work it takes before it reaches my cup!
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Hope your week is wonderful!

  2. I really like your blog and am learning a lot about your country by reading it.
    The Earth is a beautiful place no matter where you are.

  3. How lovely and spiritual, nicely done S.W :)

  4. Barb < just like me the same thing .. :)

    Amanda < thank you dear your blog is so nice too, happy to see that you read about iraq , there is many thinks don't appear it T.Vs but you see in books

    Lorraine < thank dear
    I am happy to see you all here

  5. hi, s,w , nice note i cant imagen life without two things, first a cup of hot tea and second the perfumes & for coincedense specially tea rose perfume. haha

  6. HI! Just checking in on you and hoping everything is going great with your schooling and your life. How is the cat doing? Is it still waiting for you to feed it and love it?

  7. Alsalamu Alaikum
    Blogger beautiful mind

    hi all

    I 'm fine .
    about that cat it love to play always I'm still feeding it , she (cat) is very fretty, when I try to touch her she hits my hand (o.×)
    She likes milk and meat (edacious)

  8. Hi Theresa
    I'm very very happy to see you post here , I read your CV and I'm happy thank you survived from cancer three years ago.
    about the tea pot me too I love it also ..


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