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Saturday, September 27, 2008

lovely Iraqi kitten :lool:

Alsalamu Alaikum

today I saw kitten in our garden
I brought my camera to take beautiful shot for it
and I brought to it some meat

little iraqi kitten
iraqi kitten
beautiful iraqi kitten
her it stands facing me
about 5 centimeters from the camera
iraqi cat
white cat
brilliant cat
white caty
lovely cat
wonderful cat
lovely kitten
in this shot it came near me and was watching the piece of meat in my hand


  1. How cute! Are you going to keep it?
    (would love to see more pictures of your garden too!)

  2. The wow factor
    glad to see you here

    I cannot keep it in my house
    mom don't let me
    but I am feeding it every day
    it tried to bite my camera in one of shots .. lool

    and I will but more pictures from our garden .. it is not that big one

  3. Most of the photos are out of focus. :)

    I don't know about BENQ but when you use your N73's camera, press the shutter release button halfway till you see the green square then press it fully down to get focused photos. :)

  4. Wow, she/he's I haven't seen all the way through so I don't know if you added the info, but what cam are you using? has a fabulous macro ;)
    Did I mention I love cats, I have 3 ;)

  5. hi all
    good evening
    I used BenQ camera version DC2300
    if you want any more info just post here and I will listen to you ,,
    I have Nokia N70 mobile fon.
    and I didn't use it too much in takening pictures ..
    I use BenQ in most my shots.


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