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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Photos from mosul medical college

Alsalamu Alaikum
my beautifu college "Mosul Medical College"
some pictures will explain why I love it

here is the college football ground

mosul medical college

this is one of the 5 gardens

mosul medical college

and this is where all studens site to have rest

also doctors

mosul medical college

this is the deanship bulding

mosul medical college
this is one of 4 buldings in the college

mosul medical college

this is anatomy lab.
and those white tables is where carcases are put

mosul medical college

this is Jalily Hall

mosul medical college photo

our lovely center

mosul medical college

mosul medical college
another view
mosul medical college picture

mosul medical college photo
this is the cafeteria

cafeteria from outside

mosul medical college
mosul medical college


  1. What a beautiful school! It looks so peaceful, which certainly has to be helpful in your studies...especially in the medical field.
    Keep up your positive words...
    I look forward to visiting you here and watch your progress in your studies!

  2. the w.o.w factor
    nice to see you visiting me ,,
    so I can reach your blog every time ,,
    yes as you said the beautiful places helping us to learn more ..
    >> We want to stay in the gardens all the time :lol:

  3. It looks great! :-) Not every building at mine university is so modern.
    And we don't have that much sun everyday :-(
    Sylwia ;-)

  4. dear Sylvie
    nice to see you here
    see this is my college
    it is sunny most of the day
    and also had alote of green
    so I love it
    and happy to study in it ..

  5. Hi!

    I would have loved to study here :)
    Am impressed especially with the Cafeteria *lol*


  6. hi Arti Honrao
    yeap , the cafeteria is beautiful
    I want to go to college now
    but we still in summer holiday :)

  7. Nice shots

    I would suggest you upload them to
    so many people would be able to see photos of the city of Mosul when they surf Google earth.


  8. شكراً جزيلاً على صور كلية طب الموصل
    انا انقبلت في كلية طب الموصل / طب عام وجراحة
    وفرحانه كثير وسأكون طبيبة عراقية
    Thank you dear. for mosul medical college

  9. العفو
    وشكرا على المرور
    اذا عدكم صور بعد شاركونا بيها

  10. Dear friends I'm one of the doctors who graduate from mosul medical college in 1992 ,but it seems to me this is not the same old building??? I don't know because I left iraq in 1996,, any how I'm really missing that old days what a nice days we'd spend,,

  11. Hi Dr. , there is huge changes in the college even there is new canteen now :) , and this is because of our good dean Dr. Muzahim Al Khayat , even there is new library , the dean now in Jordan taking the treatment because he has been shot in different places in his body in 14/12/2008 in front of the college

  12. I'm proud of being Mosul Medical College graduate,I graduated 1978,at that time I didn't like Mosul,now I miss it very much,May God Bless Iraq and all Iraqis.Dr.Hasan Mustafa Fahmawi,MRCP(UK)

  13. welcome dr. hasan , you need to see the college now it has been changed 100% and everything is going better than before.

  14. My dad, Dr Syed Hamid, use to teach pharmacology there back in 1960's. He was the one who started that department.


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