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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunset and examinations

study hard exams come

today as I was watching the sunset I just wanted to share you this shot, I took it with nokia N70 mobile phone , but it don't look like that I've been watching

mosul sky watchAnd I should say good bye to the T.V and all the serials and to you although it very hard to me to say good bye BLOGGER and all my friends , but this will be for a month then I will back to BLOGGER with good news. don't forget to thank GOD that you don't have exams,
have a nice days ..
bye T.V exam comesgood-bye T.V


  1. Hiii S.W.,
    ive seen the same shape of clouds today,arranged like balls of cotton or like ferrero desert but didnt see the sunset.i really miss mosul and i'll be there soon.thanks god i dont have exams hard.
    wish you luck.

  2. Come on...I wish I had exams. :)
    Just study as hard as you can and Inshallah you will be one of the top first students. :)

  3. Lovely photo. Good luck on your exams...I took my exams for my Doctorate last spring-I know they can be stressful.
    You will be a great Dr.

  4. Hi all , thanks for your encouragements , today I made the first exam (9 questions each one contain (a) and (b) ) and it was hard but I didn't found any hard to solve the questions , and thanks GOD I wrote the right solutions. next exam (Biochemistry Lab) will be next tuesday and it is not that so hard.

  5. Oh Sw...I hope you are doing well, oh, I'm sure you are!!
    Study hard, study well...but take a few moments here and there for yourself! To sit in the garden, enjoy a sunset!
    I'll be thinking of you and sending all of my cheers your way Sweet Lady!
    ~More Hugs~

  6. Hi Barb, I finished my exams and now I'm having fun in the holiday, the period of this examinations was the hardest for me, I was studying all the dayfrom 7am till 1 am, oh thanks Allah it finished without any damage to me :D .
    @Hugs to you dear Barb@


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