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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Memory from 2006

hello today I saw this picture in my computer and remembered the beautiful moments from 2006, we were staying at forest till 8pm and you can see cars in street

this is picture for mosul forest from sky , click to enlarge

this picture from college of medicine, we walk in this passage in college hundred time in a day lol

these pictures from google earth for the city

now I will go to study the endocrine system for the next few hours its not that so hard but it need a fresh Brainstem ''Brain'' and a cool day :)


  1. Such a pretty picture of the lights in the forest SW! I love that you share pictures of your country. Don't laugh at me, but I never thought of forests in Iraq, only desert...
    I do enjoy both contrasts..desert & forest, they each have their own beauty.
    Study hard Lady, and keep enjoying each day's 'adventure'.
    Hugs My dear friend~

  2. your posts always tell me how lovely mosul is.actually was. i hope we may see peace and beauty in the city as we used to,its people deserve the best.
    i walked down that place in the college many times too.
    btw the picture was taken from Ibn Sina hospital not the republican one :D.
    thanks for sharing.
    wish u luck.

  3. That first picture is stunning. I have to say I am with WOW, I didn't know there were forests in Iraq either. I am glad you are sharing your country with us.

  4. Hello all of you , of course there is forests in Iraq and there is also the desert, the biggest part of desert is in "Al-Anbar City", but In mosul you don't see a desert but you see fields and small forests with a lot of GREEN of course because Iraq has two big rivers pass through it " Tigris & Euphrates" so there is many green fields and also more and more of palm trees in Baghdad and the cities in the south of Iraq, and I will put more pictures from the town


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