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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Day in my life

this is how the army vehicls looks liks, isn't it scary !!
Today at 5 am American armored vehicles were parked in our region and I saw a U.S. armored vehicles parked in front of our house, I worried about not being able to go to college and I felt a little fear. then, at 7:15 am I prepared to go to college, but there was the prevention of vehicles in the area so we had to go to the bridge on foot (about 200 m from home) to take a taxi to the college, my father took me to the college, when I return home at 1 p.m. I surprised by the survival of American armored vehicles , my father was waiting for me on the road and my father and I back on foot to reach the home, in the way I saw American soldiers in armored vehicles were looking to us while we walk on the sidewalk near them. While the Iraqi army was searching they found a kidnapped person in a shop and liberated him, he was in that shop for 3 days without water or food and he was wrapped and his mouth closed by tape and no one knew that he was there as we know later on. The main reason for all of this wasn't to free the kidnapped person but to close the streets in the area with big concrete barriers so cars not pass, and it is still closed till now, U.S. armored vehicles then left the area and returned to their bases. The city of Mosul losing its beauty due to violations by the police and the army on the freedom and rights of citizens and also because of those strangers who are bring this destruction to the city (those who make explodings in the city).

this is american vehicles in street, they goes in accompany with two Abatchi helicopters always


  1. I can not imagine living in a war zone. You must have nerves of steele. Keep safe my friend

  2. Oh SW! My heart goes out to you! What struggles you have face, to just enjoy life, to make a better life even.
    I am so sorry that this has to be an integral part of your existence.
    Just know each day, you have a friend across the world who wishes all good things for you in life!
    ~Hugs SW~

  3. hello, to the same thing happened in the region of my college and we walked to reach the college and there was army vehicles in the street ..

    Cactus Jack Splash, I become nervous easily :D I thing this isn't good to me, but we have to enjoy life and try to be strong enough to be able of living happily,

    Dear friend barb thank you very much for your feelings, I am lucky to have a friend like you, and I hope you all happy life
    Hugs too

  4. If you want the americans to leave and take their vehicles and helicopters with them then the citizens of Mosul need to be PROACTIVE! You need to weed out those rogue elements who live amongst you and rid yourselves of them. The americans are there not as occupiers but a peacekeepers and they are trying to help make Mosul a safe place. If they see the people of Mosul are safe and terrorist activities are gone then they too will leave. Believe me, no American wants to stay there and lose their young men and women. People essentially want the same, liberty, peace and the pursuit of happiness. Al-Qaeda doesnt allow this with its threats and constant acts of violence. I understand there are various ethnic groups (Sunnis, Shias, Christians, jews and Kurds) living there but you have to find a way to peacefully co-exist. I wish you happiness and safety. Please, please make an effort with your neighbors to rid yourselves of the terrorist threat and help stop the loss of human life! Let your children grow up without being exposed to all the violence and let them lead happy, carefree lives like all children should.

  5. You need to weed out those rogue elements who live amongst you and rid yourselves of them

    This is not easy , we don't know who are they even !!!
    I wish if they get them selves and get out of the country , they aren't iraqis they are foreigners (not from iraq) , they are exploding our colleges, houses , our mosques and churches , no iraqi could do this to its country or kill him self or others.
    we heard stories that many people come to Iraq specially to explode them selves in Iraq, this is not fair, and some got drugs and then pushed to explode him self in the middle of the crowd while he didn't know whats going on, and others got some money for putting some "TNT" in any place to harm people , the police should search for those WHO PAY FOR THESE POSSES.


Your comment make this thing more clear to me, say what you want to say but don't stay calm..