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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bomb in front of mosul medical college wednesday

Wednesday was horrible day to me, every thing was going mad .I woke up early and went to the college, we had quiz and and I did well, then we went to the cafeteria to eat , then we had a histology lab to see the slides and every thing was good till here ,,,



this was the most horrible sound I was ever heard, I never heard something like this before and next the steel fall toward us , the windows broken on the ground, someone lying on the ground, I put my hand over my ear and screamed, dust, and more of glass on the ground .

I looked around me and checked my self then looked to my friends who still shocked , we didn't get hurt but still shocked, the man who was on the ground raise and stood on his feet he didn't get hurt too, no one get hurt in the lab, I looked from the crashed window and I saw damaged cars in the street and something black on the street I couldn't recognize it (i thing it was a body),then I knew that it was car bomb parked in front of the college, we collected our stuffs then hurried to the centre of the college to have close view ,

some girls were crying, my sister phoned me and I told her that I was fine then I saw her (she is in 1st stage) then I saw her and we went to a safe place,
about 5 persons from the iraqi army was killed as we know later and there was injured students who went to the emergency immediatly they have superficial injuries,


  1. Wow, I am so glad you are okay. War makes no sense to me...even more sensless to set a bomb outside of a school

  2. It was very scary day, and I didn't want to remember it , and I didn't want anyone to get in this state ( be near exploding car ),

    Cactus Jack Splash
    I'm ok , thank you

  3. Stay safe..please. Mosul is somehow a very, very dangerous place and i dont understand why the violence still continues there. My wish is for the people of Mosul to unite as one and kick out the terrorists once and for all. Im sure you all want to live in peace and not be worried about where the next bomb will go off. Northern iraq is such a beautiful place with so much history and culture.

  4. You put your finger on the wound, mosul now passing through very danger area, kicking out those terrorisms from the city, we don't know who are they or where they live. suddenly you hear an explosion and then every thing turns mad , I wish that Iraq in all its towns to be a safe place for us to live and also I do not want to see any army or anything that make us fear I want to live simply and peacefully, I do not want to be a victim of any side effect from the war.
    to tell you WHY I didn't want any foreigner army , Because they might shoot you if they suspect that you are someone else and this didn't give them the right to kill anyone in any place.
    And I should say that not all the army are bad , some are good and some are not.

    finally I hope that you didn't got bored from my talking :)

  5. Oh my goodness SW!! I am so sorry you are having to endure such terror! I am so glad you and your friends are OK!
    I just don't understand all of this chaos in life. My heart goes out to you Dear Lady!

  6. Thank you BARB for your feeling ,
    two days ago the same thing happened near the college , this thing started to be normal to me after all this ..!!


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