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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Exams in Iraq and many other things

It has been long time that I last wrote a post because I am alwayes busy with study and it is really very difficult exams and the questions are not easy at all especially in my college so we need to study very very good to avoid being in the second term exams which as I heard the last thing you would ever think to do in the summer.

To get you out of my world of exams
May in my eyes with photos:
  • iphone applemay be I will buy new iphone after finishing my exams it costs about $500 in Iraq and it has elegant design

  • apple vs adobeapple and adobe fights !! to where ?

  • securitygoogle security for search from next week.

  • see you all after finishing my exams


  1. Hi there SW! I think about you all the time and wonder how school and your life is going! I've missed keeping up with your progress.
    Hope the sun is shining brightly on your heart and family!

  2. Hi barb, I missed you too:)
    no Iam doing my final exams and it is really hard and exhosting it ends in 24 of June and Iam trying to get high marks Iam fine dont worry and every thing is good here, thank you from my deep heart.


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