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Sunday, May 2, 2010

life in Iraq and in america

1) you need 5 to 15 min. to pass the traffic and if you were lucky it didn't last more.
2) pupils study all the time without cut off time because there is nothing else to do
3) girls can not go outside homes without their father or brother or even their mother because of annoying police in the streets everywhere and many things
4) women drive cars but many bug them through driving5) if you lost your son/daughter you will never find him/her
6) nothing protect the human in Iraq against unrespected policeman
7) if you make enmity with someone the next week you will be threatened by a call on your phone demanding you to pay them for not killing you or your family.

and just

1) people are simple with simple soul
2) everyone says I am Iraqi and I am proud
3) If you need money you will find people helping you with different ways
4) no one die from hunger
5) many doctors would offer poor people free treatment
6) compulsive education, with charges from primar
y school till graduating from college
7) green everywhere

kids in America
kid in USAanother kid but in IraqKid in Iraq


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