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Friday, October 1, 2010

My tonsillitis and cup of hot tea and the stethoscope problem!!

Hello everybody .. Autumn had entered from the door in Iraq and I feel sick and cold and my larynx hurts me. I stayed awake in bed all night because of tonsillitis, and when I woke up my voice was gone. I tried using antibiotics but it still not working on me. Its good that I still can speak through writing and sign language and because I'm very talkative person (only in house) this is not good situation at all !!


Every Friday the whole family have the breakfast together of coarse tea, yogurt are the masters of Friday breakfast, I said to myself nothing will bring my voice back but a cup of hot tea prepared from whole black tea leaves and I was right and when I was drinking a cup hot black tea my tongue and larynx were burning but I didn't care because I wanted my voice to come back again (notice: I don't drink hot tea every day at breakfast).
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Next Sunday colleges of Iraq will start and I prepared my self to next step in medicine study and everything I will need in this new study year is study and there will be more hospitals to visit and many things to learn and I am completely ready. Only one thing bother me which is the Stethoscope, because I'm girl and need to wear my Hijab the stethoscope must placed on the ears directly and so I looked for esharb that will stretch if I placed the stethoscope on ears and I solved the problem :) ..
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  1. Hope you dont mind - I will be using this picture for my blog post about Arabic tea cups... Istikaan! - Thank you =)


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