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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Markets of Iraq getting ready for Eid el-fitr

Markets in Iraq have been coloured all kinds of beautiful clothes from different trade marks preparing for eid ul-fitr, everyone is busy looking out what is suitable for him/her and for the wallet. People in Iraq had been surprised with high prices of everything (clothes, nuts, sweets, ...) this is due to the increase of demand on clothes preparing for eid ul-fitr.
Eid elfitr dresses

Most clothes trade marks available in Iraq is from Turkey, Syria, China, and some from Arabic gulf countries like Emirate, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and everything enter Iraq without fee.

These days before eid el-fitr you can see people in markets like ants on honey :D, or like there is something free is given away, everyone is buying or searching what is good for him/her, and the most demand is on children and women's clothes which have the highest prices.

eid ul fitr prayer
Eid ul fiter pray which is done after sunrise of first day of Eid ulfiter, after the prayer people congratulate each others for finishing the fasting month (Ramadan) and celebrate for 3 days
shop before eid el fitr
the buying fever before eid elfitr
colours or eid el fitr clothes
I'm waiting your comments to talk about eid and the prepares and what to do ..

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  1. Yea this is so amazing all these colors in the streets before eid el fitr 2010 , BTW happy eid el fitr and I hope that you enjoyed every moment , plz tell us what you did. I am waiting to hear from you :D


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