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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pakistan need Help and attention, Thanks

The Pakistan floods appeal has now raised £35m as a report published on, no matter how these donations had collected the fact that the majority of the people of Pakistan affected by the recent floods did not receive more than blankets and tents (these are the lucky ones), while the remaining vast majority of Pakistanis left homeless and without food, as we see on TV, millions of dollars that have been collected and millions of voluntary contributions made by people around the world.

These floods in Pakistan are the worse since 81 years, leaving a 20 million people affected and more than 4 million homeless in Pakistan. I want to thank all people who aid Pakistan people by any way and Allah bless you.

flooding Pakistani Town 

father and son

Pakistan air force aids

just water and water
Now say what you feel ? how we can help these people more? 


  1. If we don't help each other who would do? animals ?
    thanks very much for discussing these points

  2. Pakistan is a country far away from Iraq. Why do you care if there is a natural disaster in that country or not?
    How do you select the countries that you feel needs to be supported?
    I dont want to be nasty, but maybe you feel close to the people of Pakistan only becouse they are also muslims.
    Or maybe I am wrong, and you also want to help Buddhist, Christian, Atheist countries as well?
    Is it religion important for you?

  3. I do care about HUMANS, people like me and you, not caring on what religion they are on. They are humans did you understand!!


Your comment make this thing more clear to me, say what you want to say but don't stay calm..