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Friday, August 20, 2010

Iraqi gifted students schools is the best solution for your children

Iraqi gifted schools improve children's speech, thinking, leading, and give the students wide variety of choices to admit to college in Iraq ( students enter the college they want around world ) with scholarships system and it provide salary to students (about $50 per month) which totally new in Iraq, when I heard  about these Iraqi gifted schools I wished it was opened long time ago to register in it but I thank God that I entered medical college and only 3 years left to graduate and practice medicine as I was dreaming .. :)

28/365 Happy with R/C Align Trex 500Image by slackware via Flickr

Now the school has three other
campuses in Iraq in An-Najaf, Al-Basrah, and Mosul. These three campuses were established in 2007 to provide better chances for the talented students in the north and south of Iraq.

I'm happy that finally there is something gives me hope to see bright future for Iraq, To get ride of those how take money for planning a bomb in the streets or cars or even themselves, I am happy and I always will be.

Finally don't forget to tell me your opinions about these schools in Iraq!? 
And is there some good schools in your town that take car of talent pupils?

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  1. nothing better than kids in schools and I hope these schools reach every stat in Iraq

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