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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foggy day at the Mosul Medical College in 2009

Foggy day pictures in Mosul Medical College in Mosul city / Iraq taken by me in 2009 before eid al adha

 Today while I was searching inside my mobile phone I found these pictures which I was taken it by my phone camera (Nokia N70) in a foggy day in mosul medical college,
just click on any picture and see it in bigger size

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  1. حلوة خاصة اول وحدة
    الحقيقة الضباب بالعراق فريد من نوعة خاصة لما يجي على الاشجار وبعدين تنقط كانما تمطر جوة كل شجرة


Your comment make this thing more clear to me, say what you want to say but don't stay calm..