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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Living and hating war and any related stuffs in Mosul

If you want to live in Mosul city you will need you will get used on to be unprotected and with out any means of human rights. Last tuesday on 2/2/2010 at 3:45 am a group of Iraqi army where striking heavily on our front door, we wake up and where frightened and we expected a big catastrophe, dad went downstairs and he opened the door and there was 6 tall army men standing at the door and other 20 man doing the same thing to the neighbours barely I wake up on my sister voice shouting get up and I quickly wore my hijab.
Can you imagine that, I guess no..
These army men where just asking for the IDs of the families and nothing else they were looking at each ID card and if there was a son in the family they wanted to know,
my little brother (7years old)was sleeping and he we didn't woke him when the army know that we have a son and dad told them he is just a kid and my dad showed them his ID they didn't believe and they went to his room and opened their lights on him then quickly left the house he woke up frightened and saying "is there was an army in my bed room!!!!!"
can't they wait till 7 am of even 6 am and then do what they want. While the government him self said there wouldn't be any searching of houses after 7 pm till 6 am of every day.
it looks like they are (young men hunters) if they found and boy or man (16 years - 40 years ) they might take him with out any declarations just because they want.
This is really miserable life that nobody deserve to life in fear of being catched "wrongly" for couple of weeks without any fault.!!!!
This is the 3rd time since 1/1/2010 this happened in parts of the city.
This is not fair really I began hating living in Iraq.
As I heard the Iraqi army was at its best state between 1975 - 2003 and now it is replace be group of worthless men that some of them even don't know reading and writing and some of them use his power to offence people in the road, hit anyone at any time with no reason, speaking badly ant any one, even stealing money while searching houses and now every thing begin to be clear that there is persons inside the military that accused with dealing with terrorists and kidnapping and also stealing banks in Iraq.


Your comment make this thing more clear to me, say what you want to say but don't stay calm..